I am a South African-born writer, artist, speaker, and activist, previously Sydney-based but now in Cape Town and travelling widely. My writing, talks and art explore the wider implications of ‘rewilding’ the self, society, and the environment. 

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Quick bio:

Life throws many of us the odd curve ball – mine was a brain tumour and resultant epilepsy, intractable for long enough to end careers in education and business. The upside was that I could reassess and redirect my life according to passion and purpose. There's always an upside, if you're still alive, and then to our surprise we heal! 

Recent writings include the fifteen sonnets of Accidental Poetry of Extinction and the fictionalised autobiography titled Richard’s Village. I am currently completing my novel Rewilding Richard, an exploration into recovering one's wilder self from the existential ennui of the modern world.

I believe that ‘rewilding’ the hurting human soul is linked to ‘Rewilding’ the devastated natural landscape – heal one and we restore the other.

I have spent the past few years in Australia, Scotland and Italy, and am now based from Cape Town in South Africa.