Welcome! I am a South African-born writer, artist, and speaker, and increasingly an activist – through my writing, speaking, and paintings – to save the world’s remaining wild species from extinction. I live variously in Sydney in Australia or Cape Town in South Africa.

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About My Work:

Highlighting the plight of wild species is a strong focus: the Rewilding Path blog showcases especially poetry, art and musings (mine and others’) about animals made extinct or presently at high risk of extinction at the hands of humans. My series of sonnets entitled The Accidental Poetry of Extinction was the topic of a TEDx Inverness talk in 2016, and is now available as a little volume called Richard’s APE: Accidental Poems of Extinction – each poem describes an encounter with a species found in the British Isles in Palaeolithic times, but later rendered extinct, and extrapolates a life lesson from the animal’s life or death. I believe our greatest chance right now to mitigate climate breakdown and stem the loss of wild species is to preserve, create or restore wild lands.

My prose writings investigate personal journeys of rewilding and environmental 'Rewilding'. Richard’s Village is a fictionalised autobiographical novel set mainly in a rural hamlet in the southern Drakensberg, or 'Dragon Mountains', of South Africa, and spans the last decade of apartheid. Currently, I am completing my novel Rewilding Richard, set in the wildest landscapes of Britain and France, where the main protagonist begins rejuvenating jaded aspects of his Self and psyche while walking and exploring areas undergoing ecological restoration. Each of these books should be available in 2019 or 2020.